still alive, i guess.
just in case you were wondering


this is mine.


oh hey. update.

first things first:
this makes me more amazing than you:

and this is now what my hair looks like:

i start school on monday.

darren criss still has not professed his love to me.

i'm a fucking potty mouth these days.

i live on here

cool story, bro.

i wish i could express

how much more i love tumblr than melo these days.


check me out.



you can't remember, you try to feel the beat


i love her so much.


i hope some day i get to meet her.


is awful

and everything is beautiful

it just depends on which eye is open


if everybody in the world
loved everybody in the world
what a glorious world
this could be, be, be, be

who's down?

let's do this.

i want world peace.

who needs an introduction?

my name is lizz.
and i'm kind of a big deal.

i'm pretty sure i bleed rainbows
i am also pretty sure that i will be tickled to death one day

if you have warm hands and a heart to match
we can be great friends
if you're gonna try to get me to eat meat
we'll be acquaintances

and if you know how to love
then we'll be in love forever

and i'm not apologizing for my auto-start playlist.

welcome to the madness.


but i have a new love for that glittering instrument, the human soul. it is a lovely and unique thing in the universe. it is always attacked and never destroyed because thou mayest
--john steinbeck


mstvandalc's picture
Re: um

glad you're alive but i wish you'd come back home to melo! :(

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